Empowering Women Through Education, Social Connection, and Leadership Development

Welcome to ISRA: Nafisah, a Muslim women’s organization dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space for learning, growth, connection, and leadership development.

ISRA’s sister organization was established so our Muslimahs would have the opportunity to engage in these activities in a space dedicated specifically to women. We believe every woman deserves to feel comfortable and supported as she grows in her faith and personal life.

Come join us at our location in Plano to learn from scholars and other knowledgeable individuals, connect with fellow Muslimahs, and develop the skills and confidence for community leadership.

Some continuous programs we offer:

Mommy and Me

We offer regular classes where mothers of children ages 0-6 and 6-12 where we creating a space for moms and kids to learn, read, craft & relax!

IG Lives

Most of our events are live-streamed as we can but in addition to that, we offer Instagram lives where our female scholars and more speak on crucial topics, reflections etc.

Homeschool Mom Support Group

Homeschooling can be hard, we work together to bring moms who are in the same boat to go through different challenges, experiences etc.

Baji and Me

This is our mentorship program where we connect younger girls with their baji, or elder sister based on hobbies and interests. This initiative is a means of sisterhood, community, and guidance for our youth.

And so so much more!

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