What is ISRA?

Experience the Power of Muslim Youth Leadership at the First Musallah Built and Led by American-Born Young Muslims in DFW

Our non-profit organization was established by bringing Islamic education, Tarbiyyah, and youth leadership development under one roof. Our goals are to:

  • Empower and educate the Ummah.
  • Build bridges with global leaders.
  • Enable youth to solve emerging community issues.
  • Create a welcoming space for worship and spiritual connection.
  • Train future leaders.
  • Foster a love for tradition and scholarship.
  • Connect elders and youth through the first Musallah built and run by American-born Muslims in DFW.
  • Provide a space for women to feel safe and heard through our sister branch, Nafisah.
Through regular Salāhs, webinars, intellectual discussions, stimulating courses, and a space that serves spiritual and social needs, we believe we can solve the crisis of young Muslims in America leaving the Masjid.